Coffs Harbour 

A quiet piece of paradise along the coast.

Central Backpackers

A quiet backpackers but clean and a great place to stay. Close to the bus station. The staff are very friendly offering recommendations and going beyond to help.

Coffs Creek Walk

A beautiful sealed walk through Coffs. Leading to the botanical gardens and eventually the marina.


Botanical Gardens

A peaceful place  to take in the Australian plants and flowers. With areas dedicated to other countries around the world, it’s a great place to spend an afternoon.

Jetty Beach

A beautiful beach. A beautiful jetty giving views of the marina and muttonbird island.


The Marina 

A small marina with a select amount of shops. A short walk that links the beach to muttonbird island.

Muttonbird Island

Probably the smallest island I have ever been on. A single track runs directly over the island, with one peak at the top. A great spot to see some whales at the right time of year.



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