Esperance YHA

A quiet hostel that used to be a hospital. Creepy. The hostel is a short walk (20 minutes) from the bus stop and town. Definitely walkable. But a local lady stopped and offered to drive us. The hostel has a lot of beds but seems to only use to bottom bunks. Annoying when you have to pay for a private room when there are free beds in the dorms. The lounge area makes you feel at home with comfortable sofas, pool, air hockey and netflix. The outdoor area has you feeling like you’re in the outback. Whereas the ocean is just across the road out front. The kitchen is clean and spacious with ovens and a freezer which is a luxury after being on the east coast.


Twilight Cove

You need a car to get here from the hostel. If you don’t have one someone in the hostel will. Even though it was an overcast day this was a great place to go. The water was freezing but the beach was still amazing. The cove is a short swim from the beach. Difficult currents make it seem longer. The rock base is slippery but once you get up onto the rock the views are great and there are good spots to jump back into the ocean from.

Great Ocean Drive

A short driving loop that goes down to twilight cove and the pink lake, back to the centre of Esperance. On a sunny day this is a great drive with plenty of places to stop along the way.

Pink Lake

If you think you’ll see a pink lake here, you will be disappointed. The lake used to be pink due to the algie in the water. However, the lake has not been pink for years. But it is a unusual colour of white. It’s hard to see where the water separates itself from the sand.


Cape Le Grand National Park

Around a 40 minute drive from the hostel you will find Cape Le Grand. Entry fees of $13 per vechile that are well worth paying. The top two things in the park are 1) to climb up to Frenchmans Peak. A mountain reaching over 200m. The trail begins easy but quickly becomes very steep and you need to turn into a mountain goat. But please do not do what I did and wear flip flops. Trainers will definitely make this trail a whole lot easier. The peak provides views of the surrounding bushland and the multiple white beaches within the national park. 2) Lucky Bay. This beach was scientifically proven to be the whitest beach in Australia and possibly the world in 2017. The waters are crystal clear and a bright blue. I would say that this beach is 100% better than Lake Mackenzie. If the beach itself wasn’t amazing enough. The best thing about Lucky Bay are the wild kangaroos that hop along the beach. Although, you are strongly recommended not to feed them it is clear that people do as they are very tame. Allowing you to stroke them and get up close and personal with them for photos.


Rotary Lookout 

Rotary lookout is less than a 5 minute drive from the foreshore along the Great Ocean Drive. The lookout provides a 360 degree view over West Beach and the islands surrounding Esperance. The Rotary Trail Walk is here too giving you amazing views of the ocean and a great spot for sunset over looking West Beach.

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