Cape Le Grand

Cape Le Grand National Park is a 45 minute drive from the small town of Esperance, in Western Australia. It boasts granite peaks for climbing, shrub land and the most spectacular beaches. Although a popular camping spot for travelers and locals, Cape Le Grand is still very remote and you can easily have any of the beaches to yourself.

Frenchman Peak

A prominent feature in the park, Frenchmans Peak is a 2.4km out and back trail to the 262m summit. It is an easy trail to follow, but can be very steep in some places. The summit has panoramic views of the National Park and beyond, the stunning turquoise shores on one side, the red dirt roads and shrubbery on the other.


There are three main beaches in the park that are all in close proximity. Hellfire Bay, Thistle Cove and Lucky Bay all have crystal waters and some of the whitest sand in the world.

Whilst Hellfire Bay and Thistle Cove are smaller, more sheltered beaches, Lucky Bay is a long stretch of sand which can be driven along and even hosts the local kangaroos which love coming down for a selfie.



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